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Effective COVID-19 Work Site Safety and Best Management Practices Training

Educate yourself, your employees, contractors, and customers with the tools needed to face the current and future challenges!

Effective Worksite Safety Training

Face Current & Future Challenges

Educate Workers And Customers

The Great Aim Of Education Is Not Knowledge But Action!

This Course, Occupational Health And Safety Act (Ohsa) And Ministry Of Labour (Mol) Guidelines Including Mol Best Management Practices, Using Science And Common Sense, Will Provide People In The Industry With The Ability To Effectively Respond To The Current Covid-19 Pandemic, And Moving Forward Knowledgeably And Bravely To A New Normal In The Future.

Covid-19 Is The New Reality We're All Facing

This is about health and safety – Yours and your team. The development and implementation of new protocols and best practices could potentially avoid the shutdown of your worksite and the transmission of COVID-19.

This Course Is For You If:

Get An Effective Covid-19 Worksite Safety Plan & Training

Return to work armed with an effective COVID-19 Worksite Safety Management Plan and the appropriate tools to face current and future challenges. Educate yourself, your employees, contractors, and customers.
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What You'll Achieve With This Course:

Respond To The Current Covid-19 Pandemic

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an epidemic of fear and uncertainty resulting in questions relating to the continuance of your business. Our thoughtfully developed program focuses on science and common-sense and will provide the appropriate education to the business community.

Register For The Course Today In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Select Your Class Time And Date

Create your plan for success – Choose a convenient class date and time to attend.

Step 2

Complete Your Certification

Following successful course completion. Download and print your certificate and wallet card.

Step 3

Execute Your Worksite Safety Plan

Execute a science and common sense COVID-19 Safety Plan and deliver safely to your workers, clients, and contractors.

Educate Yourself, Your Workers, Contractors & Customers

This course will allow you and your workers to effectively continue your business safely. The practices outlined are not static but fluid and can be amended in keeping with new information and potential amendments. New information and amendments will be shared with all certificate holders.

Education provided by Glenn Christoff, an Environmental Technician who has owned and operated a successful Asbestos and Mold Sampling, Abatement and Remediation business and has 37 years of experience in the construction and development industry

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